Dededicated storage locations for storing your products

Storage Terminals

Location is everything in our business. Around the world, we connect the supply of and demand for vital products and resources. Our global network of terminals determines our service towards our customers. We have the expertise to determine the right locations to store the vital products of today and tomorrow.

Energy companies use complex networks of onshore terminals, storage tanks, blending facilities and pipelines. These bulk logistical facilities take crude oil from ships, storing and delivering it to the refinery at the right time. Similarly, they store and blend refined product to create the exact specifications required in certain markets before transporting it on to the end customer.

Port of Houston, Texas

The Port of Houston is one of the world's largest ports and serves the metropolitan area of Houston, Texas. The port is a 50-mile-long complex of diversified public and private facilities located a few hours' sailing time from the Gulf of Mexico. Located in the fourth-largest city in the United States, it is the busiest port in the U.S. in terms of foreign tonnage and the second-busiest in the U.S.

Europoort - Port of Rotterdam

Our port location in Rotterdam (Europoort) is the perfect base for clients from around the world. The terminal is in operation 24/7 and has a storage capacity of 625,000 m³. Additional storage capacity will be added in the coming years as a response to the growing demand for storage. Because the tank terminals are located directly on deep water and Rotterdam has no obstacles due to locks or tides, even the largest oil tankers can use Rotterdam. Crude oil is transported efficiently and safely to the refineries, at home and abroad, via an extensive network of pipelines. Rotterdam therefore plays an important key role in the (petro)chemical sector.

Port of Fujairah, Abu Dhabi

Strategically located on the eastern seaboard of the United Arab Emirates, approximately 70 nautical miles from the Strait of Hormuz, Fujairah is a key shipping hub for the UAE as well as the wider region. The Port of Fujairah is, therefore, an essential economic link between east and west, expanding the opportunities for local and international trade to the markets of the Indian subcontinent and North East Africa.

Port of Qingdao

The port is part of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road that runs from the Chinese coast to Singapore, towards the southern tip of India to Mombasa; from there through the Red Sea via the Suez Canal and to the Mediterranean; and from there to the Upper Adriatic region to the northern Italian hub of Trieste with connections to Central Europe and the North Sea.